24/7 Reefercare

The employees of Delta Reefer Care are ready and waiting 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to provide the best service possible for the reefers entrusted to them. Because these reefers are often filled with delicate and valuable products, “Special Care” is essential. This includes the connection and the disconnection of the power supply, the monitoring of the cargo temperature, making sure the temperature is set at the right level, and making sure the reefer is working properly.

And just as important is the keeping accurate records of all the work and inspections carried out. The employees of Delta Reefer Care record all the details of the work using handheld terminals, which have a Wi-Fi link with the systems of ECT. These handheld terminals help to make sure the work is carried out in accordance with the specifications, and can also be used to relay telemetry about the status of the reefer to the main systems. This real-time and online information supply provides a solid platform for the delivery of effective and efficient services.